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Founded in September 2021, ToLeaps is an art space community by Amirah M. that reminds you/us TO LEAP towards creative growth, betterment, and healing through meaningful, affordable, and personalized workshops, events, and resources for the community & you!

ToLeaps: About


Used as a form of expressing motion in the direction of somewhere/thing. Hence, it perfectly depicts ToLeaps as a journey set in motion as we navigate life. To leap/grow/heal/ empower/ etc.


We fully understand that in order to grow and heal, it is a long and tedious journey. Deriving from the sentence “leap of faith”, ToLeaps strive to empower and encourage you to believe in yourself and move towards betterment. Even if they are beyond your comfort zone.

ToLeaps: List
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June 2023 Events

For further details on individual events, head on over to our Instagram page where we upload posters and registration forms!

ToLeaps: Past Events

Past Workshops

ToLeaps: Text
ToLeaps: Past Events

Celebrating YOU

18 September 2022

In celebration of ToLeaps' first birthday, we curated a special 3 hour workshop party with 2 guests speakers that focuses on celebrating your expressions, mind, and soul. A refreshing take to celebrating the parts of you that makes you, you.

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