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Founded in September 2021, ToLeaps is an art space community by Amirah M. that reminds you/us TO LEAP towards creative growth, betterment, and healing through meaningful, affordable, and personalized workshops, events, and resources for the community & you!

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Used as a form of expressing motion in the direction of somewhere/thing. Hence, it perfectly depicts ToLeaps as a journey set in motion as we navigate life. To leap/grow/heal/ empower/ etc.


We fully understand that in order to grow and heal, it is a long and tedious journey. Deriving from the sentence “leap of faith”, ToLeaps strive to empower and encourage you to believe in yourself and move towards betterment. Even if they are beyond your comfort zone.

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Upcoming Events

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LeafeLove Walk

1 January 2023, Sunday, 8am
Labrador Nature Park

ToLeaps: Past Events

Past Workshops

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Celebrating YOU

18 September 2022

In celebration of ToLeaps' first birthday, we curated a special 3 hour workshop party with 2 guests speakers that focuses on celebrating your expressions, mind, and soul. A refreshing take to celebrating the parts of you that makes you, you.

weatHERing togetHER

20 March 2022

Explore what it means to be a woman living in modern Singapore through our experiential art-making process. Amidst the voices of society whistling seductively around us, allow yourself to be in a process where we come to this space of creative openness as women to weather this challenging and ongoing societal storm together.



27 February 2022

Shadows exist where there's light. Often times, we do not realize our shadows. This session provided our participants with the opportunity to work with the Shadow side of self by merging out unconscious side with the brighter side of Persona.


13 & 20 February 2022

In the month of love, let us celebrate ourselves too. The journey and relationship we have with ourselves is a unique and beautiful linkage for a long time. Participants were invited to explore what it means to work with the persona side of self and be in awestruck with the person we were, now, and becoming.


BeLEAP of Faith: Be ME

16, 23, 30 January 2022

In this 3-parts sessions, we invited participants to look deeper into identity by BEING present, MOULDING, and EMBODYING themselves through the process of air-dry clay. As much as their clay underwent a process of change, they too changed with each session and creative art-making engaged.

unEARTHing Myself

9 January 2022

As we kick off 2022, we decided to look into identity and what does it mean to be myself in a world of constant comparisons and societal expectations through the many definitions and psychological theories of identity. Participants unEARTHed through the process of air-dry clay during the session.



26 December 2021

As we close the 2021 chapter and step into the new year, the session provides participants with the opportunity to reflect and relive, and renew intentions before the new years comes around with our vision-board making.


with FromHeart2Hearts

28 November 2021

Self-doubt is the thief of great potentials. By understanding the definition, concept, theories, and causes of self-doubt with a sharing from the author of Healing Carefulliy & Love,Liy; our guest Liyana Rahmat provides us with insights in working with self-doubt.


THIS IS TOXIC...or is it me?

with Sparkreativ

22 October 2021

At times, it can be hard to notice if we are the toxic individual instead. Looking into the concepts of toxicity, with a sharing by Ustzh Unaisah from Sparkreativ on the cancel culture from an Islamic perspective, the session allows participants to reflect and strive to be better.

Leap of Gratitude

25 September 2021

Focusing on finding gratitude in everyday life, this workshop allows participants to creatively reflect on what and how gratitude can be present in our every day moments.

ToLeaps: Past Events
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