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Ongoing Artwork Series

By Amirah M.


LeafeLove Series

Leave + Leaf + Love = LeafeLove

Turning fallen leaves into nature-inspired artworks that 'sprouts' from the feet of the artist, the artwork portrays the imagination and challenge in using only the available leaves around her in creating LeafeLove. The artist leaves some love through her leaves artwork to appreciate the complete cycle of leaves through this eco-art.

All artworks were left in the nature parks that the artist went.

FloRaepertoire Series

Flora : Plants and flowers

Raepertoire: A collection

FloRaepertoire (noun); A collection of artwork series inspired by nature to form a flora theme-based image. Tapping into emotion exploration and flow of art-making alike, the artist experiments with brush strokes and patterns in this series of artwork.


All individual artworks are now located in different locations in Singapore, Malaysia, and London.

Artworks: Press
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