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Our resources and worksheets are available either for a small contribution fee or at times, for free! We want everyone to have access to self-help and beneficial knowledge. Browse through and download away!


QIAM Ramadhan Booklet

[ Price: Free or Pay-As-You-Wish ]

Filled with 10 values, 10 insightful art prompts, and 10 mini challenges, QIAM RAMADHAN aims to provide your 2022 Ramadhan with creative expressions and knowledge gained through intentional awareness and deliberate reflections.

Download the e-booklet so that you may be able to write, scribble, paint, and mark all sorts of marks and notes on it! May this Ramadhan brings you closer to Him ,and may your deeds and efforts be accepted <3

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Coming Soon

[ Price: TBC ]

Look forward as we curate and develop new booklets and worksheets in the meantime for you!

Hint: It will either be self-care or self-identity!