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Amirah Munawwarah, MA, AThR (b. 1994)

Artist/Art Psychotherapist Bio

Based in Singapore, Amirah M. completed her MA Art Therapy from LASALLE College of the Arts, where she was awarded the MENDAKI’s ABC Youth Promise Scholarship Award in 2019.

As an art psychotherapist, her work has been focusing on spreading the word on mental health and art therapy. Amirah M. has a knack for merging psychology, art, and spirituality (not limited to religion) in her personal work. She has worked with artist-inmates, women, special needs children, adolescents, and general working adults. She is currently exploring art therapy within the addictions population.

Artist Statement

Amirah M approaches her art-making processes in this fast-paced world by slowing-down in time with nature and dabbling with ideas that uncovers the unknown through unplanned outcomes. Her artworks are inspired by daily life reflections and instances where she sought to bring normalcy into extraordinary through colors and symbolic art.

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Artist/Art Psychotherapist Logo

- A squiggle of identity and opportunities -

Working with the beauty of what looks like a random squiggle, the logo is actually made up of the letters “A” and “M” to represent Amirah M.'s initials. 

Expanding on the squiggle against a white backdrop, the squiggle has multiple opportunities to be transformed into various artworks, as used at the top of ToLeaps’ logo. Similar to the organic process of art-making, the squiggle serves as a representation to the various opportunities and possibilities available around us. If only we choose to look and appreciate it.

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